Speaking Through My World with Rosie Motene

Rosie Motene

Rosie Motene is driven by her three passions: Womxn, Africa, and the arts.
As a Pan-African Queer feminist writer, activist, speaker, and media proprietor, she uses her experience, privilege, and expertise of thirty years to speak up on issues around GBV and LGBTQI in Africa. Alongside her media work, she was trained and has worked in activism for over two decades.  Rosie is a trained and certified counsellor and life coach and is currently completing her postgraduate studies in Drama Therapy and Psychology.

The podcast #Speakingthroughmyworld tackles various issues on GBVF, the arts, and Africa.

The broadcast is available on Buzzersproiyt, Spotify, Apple podcasts, and Google podcasts.

Email us if you would like to sponsor or collaborate on the platform. rosie@rosiemotene.biz.

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Nadine Dirks
Jan 17 2024
Nadine Dirks
Nadine Dirks is a writer, public speaker, activist, and communications expert.Her work, interests, and expertise lie in intersectional feminism, gender, and sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health and rights.Her passions come from her lived experiences.Nadine is the author of Hot Water.The book investigates how endometriosis affects the way young women function and navigate the world, and how this becomes especially complicated for those who are underprivileged and reliant on the public sector’s healthcare system. In Hot Water, Nadine Dirks reveals the unique issues of racism, sexism, classism, fatphobia, and slut-shaming that African women experience within the context of healthcare facilities, and how especially jarring it is when the stigma comes from medical staff whom one expects to have the patient’s care as their primary concern. All of this has enraged Dirks and catapulted her into becoming a sexual reproductive health and rights advocate.Hot Water tells the story of how people with chronic illness are treated daily, at school, university, and socially for being differently abled; how people are regarded as lazy, aggressive, disappointing, and lacking, among multiple other things for being unwell in comparison to their healthy counterparts.One cannot look at seeking adequate healthcare as a young, black, underprivileged woman on the Cape Flats without experiencing racism in the most blatant of ways. Even with guidelines in place, the book shows that it is next to impossible to invoke those rights even if you are aware of them for fear of being victimised and excluded from the system.
1in9 Campaign- The purple T-shirt warriors.
Nov 9 2023
1in9 Campaign- The purple T-shirt warriors.
The One in Nine Campaign is a South African organisation motivated by feminist principles and the desire to live in a society where womxn are the agents of their own lives.It was created in 2006 to support Fezeka Kuzwayo, known as Khwezi to the media, who brought a rape charge against then vice-president Jacob Zuma. After she spoke out against her ordeal, she was execrated, shamed and victimised by a society that is used to perpetuating rape culture. This added abuse emerged from spaces that were meant to give her support, yet they joined in the public humiliation of victim-blaming accusations and intimidation.The campaign supported her to highlight the failures of the criminal justice system in dealing with and responding adequately to survivors of sexual violence in South Africa. The campaign was set out to address the secondary victimisation that survivors face when they speak out against and seek justice from state officials whose job and duty is to protect and serve them.The campaign primarily works in five areas.Solidarity in Action and building feminist activismFeminist knowledge production and ResearchMedia advocacyJustice and legal transformationDirect action.THE ONE IN NINE CAMPAIGN WILL ALWAYS BE GUIDED BY THESE PRINCIPLES:• We always believe survivors and this informs all the steps we take in handling our cases.• Our interventions on individual cases are survivor-led and informed by our legal frameworks to give support that will not bring harm to the survivor.• Survivors are part of all decisions and are kept informed of all steps that we take as the Campaign on dealing with their cases.• We will not nor will we ever disclose information into the media that reveals the identities of survivors or details about the case that could be prejudicial to the case and result in harm to the survivor.• With One in Nine being an advocacy Campaign, we also make sure that the survivor has access to counseling services, legal advice, and medical examinations from our referral networks.In conversation with Boitumelo Tefo, Zama Sibiya, and Stoan Ngwenya.For more information on how you can support.Organisation information- NPC 2012/165441/08email: admin@1in9.org.zacoordinator@1in9.org.zahttps://www.patreon.com/rosiemotene