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Rosie Motene

Rosie Motene is driven by her three passions: Womxn, Africa, and the arts.Rosie is a Pan African Queer feminist, activist, speaker, and media proprietor. She uses her experience, privilege, expertise, writing, and voice to speak up on issues around GBV and LGBTQI in Africa. Her pronouns are She/Her.With over two decades of experience in film and theatrical industry, she is an esteemed production consultant, TV and radio broadcaster, Talent manager, global speaker, and activist. Rosie began her activism career in 2003 when she trained through locally based NGO on counselling, advocacy, the rights, myths and misconceptions around abuse. Rosie has a professional counselling diploma for sexual abuse, a fully accredited professional, PTSD counselling diploma, and a short course in providing informed care. Rosie is also certified laughter and life coach. Her topics and subjects address her three passions in life, Womxn, Africa, and the arts.

Financial abuse
Mar 8 2021
Financial abuse
Happy women's day,It is great to see that so many corporate companies and places want to create awareness on GBV, this is necessary. We know that GBV has been protected by the patriarchy, so we need to take note of our actions. Before we can learn we need to unlearn a lot of the patriarchal principles. This is not easy as they have been governed by laws, religion and societal attitudesWE CANNOT APPLY PATRIARCHAL PRINCIPLES WHEN TRYING TO END GBV. Many financial bodies have made budgets available for GBV projects in TV and film, and this is great. Please take time to understand the narrative you are pushing and apply it to the actual production itself. So if you are addressing the problems and issues around ownership and control of women's bodies, understand that our voices and agency are attached to that. Yes, you need expert advice from activists, NGO's counsellors and therapists, but not for free. Gone are the days of using our voices for free under the umbrella that it is 'our CSI or we are doing our bit to help'. Many people and organisations have dedicated their lives to this work and just as the companies get paid, this work deserves remuneration.To the international 'United' bodies, creating awareness on equal pay is essential and that should also be applied when hiring artists for your events and campaigns. Gone are the days of expecting artists to perform, moderate or speak for exposure. These are all other forms of financial abuse.Rosie MoteneLife Coach and counsellor at Letsatsi Healing SpacePan African queer feminist & activist, writer, media proprietor and global speaker. TEDxLytteltonWomen- manager at WAKA talent agency