Ali Awad - CEOLawyer Founder and Lawyer

You Are A Lawyer Podcast

Dec 9 2021 • 36 mins

Ali Awad became a social media mogul and edutains (educates and entertainer) others about personal injury law and how to excel with social media.  After realizing that Ali Awad was a natural salesman, Ali Awad found that his authenticity and natural acting skills attracted millions of social media followers.  Now, Ali Awad teaches others to build a brand online and Ali Awad manages a multi-million dollar personal injury law practice.

Listen to learn:

  • How to attract clients from social media
  • The importance of having a hustler mentality
  • How to build a business with nothing

We also discuss:

  • Being Muslim and a lawyer
  • Best career choices if you have a JD and enjoy acting
  • Why Ali Awad wants to have the biggest law firm in the United States
  • The CEOLawyer Media Summit

Ali Awad is licensed to practice law in Georgia. Learn more about You Are A Lawyer guest Ali Awad:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ceolawyer/?hl=en

Website: https://ceolawyer.com


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