David Orozco - SettleShark Founder and Lawyer

You Are A Lawyer Podcast

Nov 11 2021 • 20 mins

David Orozco has not sat for a bar exam, but David has not removed the option of ever taking a bar exam.  David creates businesses and teaches with this same anticipation or expectation to be surprised by what will happen next.

As an undergraduate student at New York University, David Orozco took a Civil Liberties elective in his final year of school.  This course piqued David’s interest in becoming a lawyer.  David quickly turned his initial fear of discovering case law and legal jargon into an appreciation for legal research and procedures.

David attended law school at Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law and he thoroughly enjoyed law school.  David participated in a number of organizations and worked as an editor.  David planned to work in a large law firm or on Wall Street, but David’s need to explore led him toward academia.

After graduating from law school, David began a research fellowship at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  After the fellowship, David began teaching at Michigan Technological University before teaching business administration at Florida State University.

David Orozco is also the Editor-In-Chief of the American  Business LawJournal and co-founder of SettleShark, LLC.  SettleShark assists consumers and small business owners with settling their disputes.  David sees SettleShark as a consumer resource and activist tool to help the average consumer understand their rights and how to act with large corporations.

SettleShark was created after David used demand letters to win thousands of dollars for consumers and David realized that this resource did not exist. Together with his business partner, Lonny, David uses SettleShark to level the playing field and educate the masses.

David Orozco is not licensed.  Connect with David Orozco on Twitter @ProfessorOrozco and @SettleShark and on LinkedIn.  Contact David Orozco at info@settleshark.com for access to his article about TicketMaster and its marketing practices.

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