Michelle Words - Expat Professor and Lawyer

You Are A Lawyer Podcast

Oct 28 2021 • 33 mins

If you ever daydreamed about leaving your job, grabbing your passport, and moving to a new country, Michelle Words believes you should and will help you prepare to do so.  Michelle Words lives an organic life; she believes that you make plans, plans change, you work with those new plans and see what happens.

Michelle Words is an avid international traveler, business law professor, expat, and podcast host. Yet, Michelle did not embrace the thrills of travelling until she was in graduate school. Michelle obtained a Master’s degree from Clark Atlanta University, where Michelle studied finance. Then life happened and Michelle decided to attend law school.

After law school and working as an associate vice president of Bank of America, Michelle decided that she wanted to truly embrace life and get off the corporate “hamster wheel.” A Mediterranean cruise sparked Michelle’s interest in international travel; an appreciation that led Michelle to visit more than 60 countries. Although Michelle encourages international travel, Michelle encourages you to learn as much as you can about the culture, customs, and best practices before your plane leaves the States.

Michelle has spent the last seven years living in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, teaching business law, and sharing her career experiences with undergraduate and business students.  Michelle inadvertently discovered that she truly enjoys teaching and using her work experiences as examples in the classroom.

Michelle Words is also the podcast host of Flippin’ The Script! In each podcast episode, Michelle speaks with mature women about how they change their lives (e.g. their scripts) and encourages women to seek change, instead of settling for what is expected.  Flippin’ The Script is available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and you may find more information at flippinthescript.com.

Michelle Words is licensed in Wisconsin.  Connect with Michelle Words on LinkedIn and Instragram @flippinthescriptpodcast.

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