Adventurers Anonymous - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Alasdair Jackson

The Home of Improvised Fantasy Fucknuggetry. Six dangerously codependent dipshits sip cocktails and seek a glorious death in a real play Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

Our band of merry dweebs includes a failed Crocoborn sorcerer, turned children’s party entertainer; a dirty old priest on the brink of the afterlife; a retired Half-Orc police officer; a sassy blue Tiefling, who can talk to animals and a retired Gnome archer with PTSD, clinging to his pet wolf.

We've been disappointing the TTRPG & D&D Community since 2020. Not suitable for little ears. This show is mostly improvised and entirely inappropriate. Listener discretion is advised.

A brand new episode every Friday.

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#5: Get Woke Barbara (START HERE)
Aug 15 2021
#5: Get Woke Barbara (START HERE)
Well hey there fellow Nerds & Ne'er Do Wells and welcome the the Adventurers Anonymous Podcast! Join us this week for a healthy dollop of improvised actual play Dungeons & Dragons.Now you maybe wondering where the hell are the first four episodes? - The simple answer is that we archived them as we felt that the audio quality made it very hard to follow along. And in honesty you join us here at a new chapter in the campaign. You join the players as they set off to explore the ruins of an ancient observatory in search of mystical relics known as the Orbs of Tartarus. Sounds straight forward? However, knowing our players it wont be long before they bumble into adversity and tragedy strikes.So without further ado, go grab yourself a drink, pull your chair closer to the fire and come join Chris, Wraggy, Chan, Matt, Lewis and AJ for this week's episode of The Adventurers Anonymous Podcast!! Please enjoy...Tatty Bojangles - Gnome Ranger/Rogue (Chris Neal)Belciar Myialtheshtealliac - Dragonborn Sorcerer (Matt Durrant)Aristobulus Jones - Human Cleric (Lewis Budden)Hunarsh Smith - Half Orc Fighter (Chris Wragg)Maud of Nightmares - Tiefling Druid (Chanelle Williams)Dungeon Master & Host (AJ Jackson) Theme tune by Air Drawn DaggerJOIN OUR PATREON - STOCK AVAILABLE IN OUR MERCH STORE - OUT OUR WEBSITE - US ON TWITTER - US ON FACEBOOK - Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.