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While exploring the halls of their hospital ward, three teens with cancer discover a portal that leads them to Nightingale, a magical world inhabited by a race of sentient machines. Dani, Rocco and Sarah embark on an epic adventure to save Nightingale from a malevolent force known only as The Darkness before it can breach the portal and infect our world. With the help of their empathetic doctor, whose mysterious connection to Nightingale is more than it appears, the diverse trio must face their fears and, in the process, confront the unknown of their own diagnoses. The journey offers them the chance to not only escape their pain and be kids again, but to finally feel like more than just victims of their disease. They might even have a chance to be heroes. ----- Starring Ben Shenkman (Angels in America) as Dr. James Shepherd, Glory Curda (Crown Lake) as Dani Gwan, Gabriella Pizzolo (Stranger Things) as Sarah Thompson, Raphael Alejandro (Once Upon A Time) as Rocco Herrera, Ben Horner (The Blacklist) as Lawrence Faraby, and Christian Barillas (Modern Family) as Nails. ----- Created and produced by David Kreizman, Ben Strouse and Chris Tarry at Gen-Z Media. Written by Aaron Steven. Directed by David Kreizman. Executive Producer Ben Strouse, Supervising Producer Claire McClanahan, Producer Jenn Levine. Original Music and Sound Design by Chris Tarry. Additional sound design and Voice Edit by Darian Newsome. ----- For more great shows, visit read less

Our Editor's Take

From its opening minutes, the Nightingale podcast captures the listener's attention. This sci-fi drama follows the exciting adventures of three ailing teens. The fictional audio series merges three genres—science fiction, fantasy, and drama. The dramatic part is that the main characters are struggling with serious ailments. While they all have cancer, each teen addresses their struggles in a distinct manner. The science fiction and fantasy parts involve the characters' journey into another world. Traveling through a portal to another place or time is a familiar trope, but this podcast is unique. Its appeal lies in its strong opening, character development, and creative ambiance.

Gen Z founder David Kreizman is the creator and producer of the Nightingale podcast. Starting in the '90s, David served as a writer on CBS' Guiding Light. He also served as a cohead writer for All My Children. The podcast cast includes Royal Pains' Ben Shenkman and Final Fantasy VII's Glory Curda. Other cast members are Gabriella Pizzollo and Raphael Alejandro. The stellar cast members offer incredible performances. Alongside the talented crew, they present an exciting audio show.

The difficulty sometimes lies in projecting emotion and atmosphere with an audio drama. This, however, is not an issue on the Nightingale podcast. The voice acting on the podcast, plus quality sound effects, build up the scenes and story. There is no doubt that the show's cast and crew have great working chemistry. The cast members deliver their roles with commendable skill alongside a capable crew. This showcase of talent results in a captivating story from the outset. Each scene, sound, and dialogue propel the story forward. It does so from the opening scene at the Nightingale Children's Hospital to the world of sentient beings. Each scene builds on the previous, telling a fast-paced and thrilling tale. New episodes of the series are available every Wednesday.

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