Determining Who Your First Hire Should Be with Tatiana O’Hara

Building Your Million Dollar Brand™

Jan 13 2022 • 28 mins

In this episode, I’m speaking with Agency & Team Operations Coach Tatiana O’Hara all about building your team the RIGHT way. As a corporate leader turned business coach, Tatiana has helped dozens of leaders optimize and build their teams, and learn essential leadership skills that have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales growth – and today she’s sharing her wisdom on all things hiring from determining who your very first hire should be, to the leadership skills you need to develop if you want to lead your team to success. Whether you’re just getting started with bringing on help in your business or you’ve been doing it for a while, this episode will help you see how to avoid the hiring and delegating mistakes that can get in your way of building a stellar team.

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