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The Social Purge Explodes!
2d ago
The Social Purge Explodes!
The Presidential Election is in full swing and so-too is the purge of conservative podcasts and talk-shows that do not align with the WHO or the CDC, or the WEF, or the U.N.. The Biden administration and his alphabet intelligence agencies are in out in force working hard to remove freedom of speech and to force the narrative of conversation in their direction. Truth is officially under attack. Are you next? Join us for our morning podcast at The Velain Report to learn more!The Social Purge Explodes! sure to visit us at: https://www.TheVelainReport.comWatch the Velain Report podcast in video format here: the Spreaker podcast app here and take us with you: THE VELAIN REPORT PODCAST:By visiting our website at: https://www.TheVelainReport.comStripe: Our Patreon Page: you can send to: Holy Impact Ministries P.O. Box 233 Carrollton Ohio Our Patriot Supply Link: SOURCES:Im Truly Afraid! Everyone Needs To Know What Just Happened: Need Your Help! This is NOT a Drill!!! YOUR FRIENDS… WARNING this is SHOCKING! Allows for Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated at Governors Whim Historian Sounds Alarm on Dems Wicked 2024 Plans Yourself For What’s Coming in 2024 – Victor David Hanson