The Karaites I - Origins & Practices

History for the Curious - The Jewish History Podcast

Feb 14 2024 • 46 mins

1,200 years ago, a new form of Judaism was created, and it has lasted through the centuries. How far did Karaism spread? Did the Rambam allow them to be circumcised? Did Islam bring about the new ideology? And why would they observe Rosh Hashana without a Shofar?   Please email for details on the upcoming Vienna Trip.   Chapters

00:00 Introduction to the Karaites

03:07 Beliefs and Practices of the Karaites

05:32 Rav Saadia Gaon and the Defense of Orthodoxy

06:29 Origins and Founding of the Karaites

09:19 Historical Context and Factors Influencing the Karaites

11:12 Interaction between Karaites and Orthodox Jews

15:24 Halakhic Requirements and Practices of the Karaites

20:04 Stringency and Uniqueness of Karaites' Observance

21:24 Differences in Shabbat Candle Lighting and Prayer

23:50 Comparison with the Sadducees and Tzadokim

24:46 Relationship between Karaites and Orthodox Jews

25:44 Spread of the Karaites in Iraq, Jerusalem, and Egypt

29:08 Presence of Karaites in Constantinople and Cyprus

32:56 Decline of Karaites in Jerusalem

35:20 Karaites in Egypt and Influence of the Rambam

39:34 Karaites in Toledo and Mixed Marriages