The Karaites II - Forgeries & History

History for the Curious - The Jewish History Podcast

Feb 25 2024 • 40 mins

Refugees arrived in Egypt from Toldeo in 1459, with ideas of their own.

But as the centuries progressed, the Karaites spread out from the Middle East. Crimea became the headquarters of the movement.

However Abraham Firkowitz had his own ideas about history, in which facts did not necessarily feature. Although St. Petersburg owes him a continuing debt of gratitude.


00:00 Quarrel between Karaites and Rabbinites in 1833

03:17 Karaites in Egypt in the mid-1400s

06:05 Karaites and Rabbanites in 1465

07:01 Karaites seeking religious answers from Muslim jurists

08:30 Karaites' status as Jews

10:22 Karaites in Crimea and Eastern Europe

13:17 Karaites in Crimea in the late Middle Ages

19:33 Russian rule over Crimea and discriminatory laws

20:58 Avram Firkovich and his forgeries

25:35 Firkovich's influence and success

36:29 Firkovich's efforts and legacy