Financial Responsa in History I - Taxes, Charity & Freedom (feat. Dayan Y Hool)

History for the Curious - The Jewish History Podcast

Apr 2 2024 • 53 mins

In times of war and peace and throughout the centuries, Jews have asked questions. Some became the foundations of halacha, others were forgotten. In this episode we trace back through the ages to find that the new is often very old.   To purchase Dayan Hools book, click here - Beth Din Commercial Arbitration:


00:00 Introduction and Urgency of the Question

03:04 The Importance of Responsa in Jewish Law

06:22 Preserving and Recording Responsa

10:45 Debates on Jewish Community and Communal Organization

14:04 Reduction in Responsa and the Need for New Answers

25:46 Communal Financial Responsa in Times of Crisis

26:42 Repurposing Funds and the Power of Handwriting

29:37 Contributing to Communal Projects in Tehran

30:06 Apportioning Funds for Weddings and Inflation

31:02 Returning Donations Given in Error

35:22 The Role of Community Contributions

51:01 Security as an Individual Requirement