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Christmas trees & curlews
Dec 6 2021
Christmas trees & curlews
Hello and welcome to the Nature Garden Podcast, with me, Carl Stiansen, and the Weekending Show Team from Lionheart Radio. In this episode… There’s a touch of natural tinsel with Tom Pattinson’s guide to Christmas trees… Tom Cadwallender is following the highs and lows of the curlew…And have you ever wondered who keeps an eye on our coast and some two hundred miles of sea around us? …. Steve Lowe’s here to tell us more…And, some festive music...  and a chance to put your feet up. Plus some top tips for the garden from Tom P… All coming up on Nature Garden Podcast….  00:01:28 00:06:46  00:13:15  00:18:57  00:24:55  00:30:36***************Theme tune: Princess of the Ocean by Carl Cape Band featuring Steve Deegan, Carl Cape and Jamie Robb (fiddle).***************Carl: Your boughs so green in summertime, Stay bravely green in wintertime. O tannenbaum, O Christmas Tree… How lovely are thy branches! Nordmans, frasers, Norweigan spruces and noble firs… so many choices but which is the best? Here’s Tom with some festive advice on getting the most out of your Christmas tree…Tom P:***************Now, it’s one of the avian stars of the county, and the symbol of the Northumberland National Park. Tom Cadwallander from the British Trust for Ornithology is falling head over heels for the beautifully wistful call of the curlew… a rather sensitive bill. bird of the hill and the coast in our county***************Carl: Christmas is a time for celebration and a time to unwind.. but you might get the needle… or rather a lot of needles… if you opt for a real tree… so Tom is it possible to bring a tree in from the cold outside to the living room?Tom P:************Festive musical interlude:Carl: And now for something a bit different, we like to do on the radio show,  and now and then we do it on the podcast.. slow down, put the kettle on, have a cuppa and listen to a little bit of music and this week something festive... it's Winter’s Kiss by Clear Blue Skies featuring Derek Allan… Song:  Winter’s Kiss by Clear Blue Skies featuring Derek Allan…***************Managing the environment is an increasingly important job and our coastal areas are incredible habitats where complex interactions take place between people and nature. So how are these areas regulated and protected? Steve Lowe met up with Patrick Gray, Senior Marine Enforcement Officer, for the Marine Management Organisation team here in the region.***************Carl: And here’s Tom with some things to be getting on with in the gardenTom P:Carl: You’ve beenSupport the showYou can follow Tom Pattinson, Steve and Tom Cadwallender and our wonderful guests and featured flowers, birds and projects on Twitter: @gardenersradio @TheNatureGarden and on Facebook: The Nature Garden. And you can tune in to our monthly live radio show on Saturdays at 11am on Or email us: gardenersradio@outlook.comThank you for your support!Music link: Gaia by Carl Cape Band on Amazon Music -