3. How To Build A Profitable And Fulfilling Business Around Your Passion

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Oct 21 2021 • 2 hrs 16 mins

How To Build A Profitable And Fulfilling Business Around Your Passion

Our hearts are constantly seeking for fulfillment, and without doing what you love, you will always feel the gap. Sometimes we seek money as a default for satisfaction but earning more money, getting promotions, or moving to the next level will not fill this void. Getting your hands dirty and doing what you want will stand the test of time. A job that you love will always motivate you to meet your goals consistently, and when you do, you make genuine accomplishments. The best opportunity for you is the one that you follow through and show up consistently. You don’t have to know all the answers to succeed. Knowing the next step will help you reduce the gap, cultivate a positive momentum, and show up consistently.

Join the conversation with your host Michael Gebben and be inspired to stand up, be bold, and put yourself out there so that people can find you. The world needs more of you, and you can’t make an impact while doing nothing.

During this episode, you will learn about;

[02:30] The controversy between promotions in self-employment and employment

[06:50] Identifying and doing things that you love to build your satisfaction

[15:46] The power of aligning with what is right for you as an entrepreneur

[17:30] Differentiating between facts and fiction in your life

[24:44] # Seeking accountability to get motivation

[27:14] Building your business in a way that you can eliminate or delegate tasks that you’re not passionate about

[33:42] # Strategies that can help to stop overthinking

[33:54] How expectation can hijack your mind and opinions

[38:28] The massive imperfect action

[39:27] Mike’s journey from Gebbs Juice Podcast, Jumpstart Session to Mind Tuneup Time Podcast

[44:07] Creating a positive mental momentum

[52:52] Focusing and practicing right to get where you want to be

[01:10:10] Coaching Session with Margret

[01:10:26] Margret story and how Mike inspired her to recreate her story

[01:17:08] Cultivating your momentum, taking action, and making progress

[01:21:05] The concept of ‘creation and connection’ and ‘creation and isolation.’

[01:29:53] Knowing who you’re, avoiding triggers, and trying to fit in

[01:35:40] Margret’s new experience and transformation

[01:36:33] Breaking from the negative, hearing the positive, and receiving it

[01:51:54] Defining your self-worth and creating a sustainable cashflow

[02:26:27] Being proactive, reaching out, and connecting to people to get clients

[02:33:17] Focusing on where you’re going

Notable Quotes

-If you’re forcing yourself to fit in what is seen as the norm, you live frustrated versus living fulfilled (05:57)

-Life is not a plugin and play; what works for them might not work for you (17:21)

-Expectations are a maker breaker in a lot of things in life (33:54)

-We will see and get our lives where we’re focused on and what we’re giving our attention to (44:07)

-Don’t predict your future based on your past (49:55)

-The deeper you judge others, the more you’re worried about being judged, and this will give you a -hard time putting yourself out there (01:33:37)

-When you start telling a different story, you show up differently (01:42:42)

-You may have little bumps, and you may have little backward, but that’s not the point of the big picture. (33:49)

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