EP 25 Introduction To Luxury Travel

Zee Michaelson Travel

Jun 28 2022 • 28 mins

Luxury is a state of mind.  Something I have always thought about doing was traveling around the Greek Isles in a Large Yacht….why a Yacht and not a large ocean liner….one main reason.  The yacht is smaller and can get into the smaller ports.  I also think the intimacy of sailing this way will allow you to get to know your fellow shipmates…and there is more of a local flair.  You really get to experience the country you are visiting.  And what are we talking about.

Did you ever think about Tahiti…can you imagine an all inclusive to Tahiti.  I know many young couples are looking at Tahiti as a Honeymoon destination.  I never even thought about going when I was young…but now….I think it may be fun to Explore the Tahitian Island…so let’s take it one step further aboard a Yacht.

All-Inclusive Yachts like WIndStar it could start as low as 5100 per person… there are many other all inclusive ship lines and resorts and more…

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