EP 13 Rocky Mountaineer

Zee Michaelson Travel

Apr 5 2022 • 29 mins

Many people have said they would like to explore North America more.  And what a better way to travel than by train.  Sit back relax and enjoy the views. See the land as you go buy then by train with many different accommodations.  Yes…Train.  Choo Choo!!!!

The Rocky Mountaineer has some ideas for a great travel Experience on a Luxury Rail Journey…Your Travel Advisor can assist you in creating a once in a lifetime experience aboard a train….  But before we get into the different places they go…

The Rocky Mountaineer has hosts.  Hosts that go the extra mile by creating a friend atmosphere of exploration with rich story telling of the historic routes or serving locally inspired and delicious foods.  It just compliments the entire experience.

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