EP 27 Luxury Travel via Windstar Cruises

Zee Michaelson Travel

Jul 12 2022 • 25 mins

Traveling the globe brings new understandings about people and places.  Different cultures to explore…It opens up your imagination of all the places you’ve dreamt about…and We are going to open up that door for you to peak through it……because there is one thing no one can take away from you… it is okay to Dream and Dream Big.  And that’s what I do …I help make your travel dreams come true.

In this wide wonderful world of ours…what do you think about sailing the seven seas on a yacht.  Not just any yacht…a WINDSTAR yacht.  Windstar Yachts offer a relaxed ambiance…. the largest has accommodations only for 342 guests…that’s the largest…. These ships due to their size can take you off the Beaten Path…as you know Jay and I always go Off the Beaten Path.  Because they are smaller you can get into the smaller ports…and hidden harbors…. even gorgeous secluded beaches…. I also say traveling opens your eyes to different Cultures and cuisines…. This is private yacht cruising at its finest.

Look where Windstar sails to Asia/Alaska/Australia & New Zealand/Canada and New England/Caribbean/Costa Rica & Panama /Canal/Greece/Italy/Mediterranean
/Mexico/Northern Europe/South Pacific/Tahiti and so many more places.

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