EP 18 National Parks 5 New York

Zee Michaelson Travel

May 10 2022 • 33 mins

Hi and welcome to Zee Michaelson Travel podcast…. I’m Zee Michaelson along with my sidekick and producer Jay Lawrence. Hey Jay…We are just rolling right along with our Zee Michaelson Travel podcast, and we are now on Episode 18….

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Weekly Tip:


We all try to fit in as much fun into our vacations as humanly possible.  So, you don’t want to wait in line all day at some of your top tourist picks.  In Europe…places like the Eiffel Tower or the Vatican Museum.  Even here in the U.S. we have places that you would want to get advanced tickets that guarantee admission at a certain time or day.  Many of these have mobile ticketing so you can have everything right on your mobile device. Some of these tickets also may have some other spiffs with it.  Like a tour around the city on city transportation.  Do a little homework and you won’t have to be waiting in long lines.  Or call your Travel Advisor and they can do all this homework for you and get your ready for your trip.

Topic of the Week…. National Parks…. which while we are recording this segment, we are right in the middle of National Parks Week April 16 to April 24….

So…. New York has 24 national parks Everything from to splendid natural spots like the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and Fire Island National Seashore, to famous historic monuments.

African Burial Ground…

it is A Sacred Space right in the heart of Manhattan

I was always running around Manhattan but never knew about this.  Could be because the excavation started in 1991 and I had already moved out of the state and like many other historical excavations it started as a building site when they came across this.  The location is at 290 Broadway….

African Burial Ground is the oldest and largest known excavated burial ground in North America for both free and enslaved Africans. It protects the historic role slavery played in building New York archeological research excavation found intact human skeletal remains located 30 feet below the city’s street level on Broadway. During survey work, the largest and most important archeological discovery was made unearthing the "Negroes Burial Ground"- a 6-acre burial ground holding upwards of 15,000 intact skeletal remains of enslaved and free Africans who lived and worked in colonial New York. The burial ground’s rediscovery altered the understanding surrounding enslavement and its contribution to constructing New York City. The Burial Ground dates from the middle 1630s to 1795. Currently, the burial ground is the nation’s earliest and largest African burial ground rediscovered in the United States.

Ellis Island…. many of us probably had ancestors come thru here.  12 million immigrants passed through this now empty and quiet building from 1892 to 1954. When people arrived at Ellis Island, they felt that their American Dream was coming true.  You can visit Ellis Island and hear their stories and see pictures of what it looked like back then.

Now part of Ellis Island is the Infamous


The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. It was designated as a National Monument in 1924. Emplo