Leading With Social-Emotional Intelligence: Building Trust Through Intentionality and Vulnerability

Glenn Harris

Whether you are seeking business leadership transformation or personal growth our show is here to help you. We will assist you in developing self-awareness, self-management and insight into how you can positively affect others.brbr We will explore together how you can increase your insightfulness, understand how you work, what’s important to you, and how to achieve your goals.brbr Building your social-emotional intelligence increases your understanding of others and their needs in the work place. You will learn specialized tools to assist you in honoring the needs of others through valuing and utilizing their strengths.brbr We will explore the Five Key Behaviors of Cohesive Teams and learn how this process can transform your work group into a powerful team. Remember, leadership is not about getting people to follow you. It is about creating the capacity in others to become leaders. You can achieve your goals and reap the benefits from building leadership capacity. read less