S01E27: Learn How to Swear in Korean

The Wonderful One Room Story Time Podcast

Mar 28 2022 • 1 hr 39 mins

In this episode, Noelle goes thrift shopping, Sam goes through withdrawal, we try Sweet Vanilla Turtle Chips, and talk about protest culture in Korea, racists using Korean to say the N-word, and learn Korean slang!

00:00:10 Intro
00:05:30 Thrift shopping in Seoul (Market in You, Seongsu station) (Charlie Box, Konkuk Uni. Station)
00:16:22 Sam's sugar withdrawal
00:20:17 Snack test: Sweet Vanilla Turtle Chips
00:25:08 Tiktok Vs Youtube
00:30:14 Video games (Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon)
00:37:12 Questions
00:37:22 Question 1: Are rallies common in Korea?
00:58:27 Question 2: Thoughts on racist creators using Korean to say the N word?
01:08:57 Question 3: Teach us Korean slang! (explicit)
01:19:59 Overrated, Underrated (Korean school uniforms, Christmas in Korea)
01:30:54 Corrections (Role of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
01:35:42 Outro

Note from Sam: See you guys in two weeks! We'll be back with another great episode for you guys soon! Happy Birthday, Mom! <3