#69 - Active Listening and Finding Success in Financial Planning - Scott Frank

Only Fee-Only

Nov 1 2023 • 35 mins

Picture this: you're a financial advisor in the heart of sunny California. Sounds like a dream, right? Our guest, Scott Frank, founder of Stone Steps Financial in Encinitas, California, shares his fascinating journey from his beginnings in Noblesville, Indiana to becoming a sought-after name in the financial planning industry. Buckle up as we explore his alliances, his commitment to active listening, and his take on the CFA and CFP certifications.

Transitioning a business is never easy. Scott talks about the decision to leave pervious firms and what led him to that decision. He provides valuable advice to advisors finding the partnership promise short of reality, highlighting the importance of a clear plan and action steps for a successful transition.

Finally, we delve into why Scott believes in sharpening communication skills in financial advising. He shares his involvement with the XY Planning Network and thoughtfully explains his unique marketing plan. Despite being a well known figure in the industry, Scott acknowledges his thoughts on growing an enterprise and why he has chosen to keep his firm small. We also get a glimpse into Scott's social media presence and find out what he believes is the best platform to reach his target audience. If you're ready to see the world of financial advising through Scott's lens, join us for this captivating conversation.