#73 - Switching Fields: Kyle Newell's Leap from Sports to Financial Planning

Only Fee-Only

Dec 6 2023 • 31 mins

Have you ever wondered how someone goes from being a physics major and 2x National Championship football player to a financial advisor? Today, we're having a chat with Kyle Newell, the founder of Newell Wealth Management. He's got a unique story, transitioning from the football field to financial planning. Particularly interesting is his focus on Disney employees and their families. Kyle will share how his experiences at the University of Florida's national championship teams influenced his career path.

In our conversation, Kyle shares some light-hearted stories about moving from engineering to finance and the unexpected lessons along the way. He'll talk about his time learning the ropes at big names like Merrill Lynch and TIA, especially in selling his services. He'll also discuss his 'project 100, 200' strategy for building business. To wrap up, Kyle gives us a glimpse into his work with Disney employees, discussing the challenges, benefits, and how crucial referrals are in his field. Join us for an insightful episode filled with financial wisdom and life lessons from someone who's truly a great person!