#82 - Synergizing Health and Wealth for a Fulfilling Live - The Girl Named Stevyn

Only Fee-Only

Feb 29 2024 • 36 mins

In this episode, Stevyn, a health expert and founder of Grow Wellthy, tells us how she went from being an exercise physiologist to a wellness advisor for financial professionals. We talk about how health and money are connected and important for a good retirement.

We also discuss how hormones and stress can secretly harm your health, even if you eat well and exercise. Stevyn believes in treating health like an investment, similar to financial planning. We go over the first steps to starting your own health plan, including looking at your whole life and understanding mental barriers.

Finally, we talk about balancing lifespan with healthspan and the costs of getting sicker. Steven gives financial advisors tips on including health checks in their services, helping clients live better lives. She gives advice for eating out and how to use her resources if you want to improve your health. Listen to this episode to learn how to take care of your health and treat it as important as financial wellness.

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Music in this episode was obtained from Bensound.