#83 - Decoding Regulatory Challenges in Fee-Only Financial Advisory -Travis Johnson

Only Fee-Only

Mar 6 2024 • 32 mins

Join us as Travis Johnson from XY Compliance Solutions helps us understand the rules of fee-only financial planning in simple terms. In this episode, we'll learn how dealing with rules can actually help your advisory business grow. Travis will share his expert tips on dealing with new fee systems and state ruled.

We'll also find out why following rules shouldn't scare you. We talk about how the XY Planning Network is making it easier for advisors to follow the rules. Travis will explain the main reasons firms look for help with these rules and the challenges they face as these rules change. He'll give valuable advice on how to prepare your firm for reviews and why it's important to keep good records.

This isn't just about following rules; it's about knowing them so that you can expand your financial planning services confidently. We'll compare different payment models and discuss how to offer many different solutions ethically. Join us for a clear and helpful conversation that aims to provide you with strategies and support for ethical, client-focused financial planning.

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