#27 - Creating a Lifestyle Practice and Setting Boundaries with Clients - TJ van Gerven

Only Fee-Only

Dec 7 2022 • 40 mins

TJ's Bio:

Before launching MWB in the fall of 2018, I worked for several financial planning firms honing my craft behind the scenes and strategizing on how to put the pieces together to build a value-oriented practice.

Working in the tech space, I focus on professionals ages twenty-five to forty who have experienced a windfall via equity compensation and are looking to maximize their newfound wealth to plan for FI.

I’m incredibly passionate about financial independence, pursuing autonomy, and creating an intentional lifestyle through planning.

At MWB, I’m committed to working with a maximum of fifty client relationships at any time.

A little bit about me; I grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, where I currently spend my summers.

I live in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston, the rest of the year.



Insta: @modernwealthbuilders

Twitter: @TJvanGerven