#77 - Trailblazing as a Chief Evangelist - Diana Cabrices

Only Fee-Only

Jan 17 2024 • 35 mins

Explore Diana Cabrices' remarkable journey, from freelance work to becoming Wealthbox's Chief Evangelist and a beacon in financial technology. Fresh from her Women in Wealth Management Up and Comer win, Diana shares her transition from teaching in Europe to impacting the fintech sector.

The episode delves into the evolving role of financial advisors, the importance of education over technology, and the challenges in marketing and tech integration. We discuss the rise of video content and upcoming marketing trends for 2024. The conversation also covers the resurgence of in-person networking post-COVID, testimonial marketing, and high-impact conferences like Future Proof.

Diana offers insights on work-life balance, time management, and client prioritization for advisors, fintech professionals, and conference organizers. Tune in for valuable insights and strategies for success in the dynamic financial landscape.

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Website: https://dianacabrices.com/

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