#85 - Cultivating Growth and Unity at XY Planning Network - Vince Hockett

Only Fee-Only

Mar 20 2024 • 35 mins

Have you ever thought about how a leader's different experiences can influence an entire industry? Vince Hockett, President of XY Planning Network, will share his varied career, from manufacturing to international business, and how these roles shaped his leadership style at XYPN. He will discuss the importance of learning and mentorship in building a community and support system at XYPN.

Vince also does an amazing job at highlighting what sets XYPN apart in a competitive field, such as its principles, leadership, and culture. Insights on the role of empathy in leadership and the psychological aspects crucial in financial planning will be shared. The talk aims to inspire with a vision of a mission-driven organization that impacts lives beyond just numbers. Join to discover how having a purpose can transform your approach to work, growth, and success at xyplanningnetwork.com

Vince's Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vhockett-take-a-look/

Music in this episode was obtained from Bensound.