Episode 270 - The Best Bits: Writing what you need to learn

The Extraordinary Business Book Club

May 17 2021 • 31 mins

It's one of the great paradoxes of business books that they're written by experts, but the process of writing them is itself what builds expertise.

In this Best Bits episode nine recent guests reflect on how writing their book changed them - often in unexpected ways.

  • Judy Piatkus on the impulse behind publishing self-development books
  • Greg McKeown on writing Effortless for himself as much as anyone
  • Grace Marshall on the struggle of writing Struggle
  • John Williams on how work can be play
  • Frederique Murphy on writing in flow
  • Sarah Frier on finding out what you’re trying to say
  • Keel Hunt on asking great questions
  • Diana Marsland and Julie Nerney on learning and pivoting
  • Clive Lewis on writing with passion.