S2 Ep. 138 A Story of Resilience and Optimism

The Word Café Podcast with Amax

Aug 2 2023 • 57 mins

Can you take a moment and imagine what the other side of impossibility will look like?

Our mind has been designed and gifted with imagination, and from here, we come to see and appreciate our world and create that future we so much desire.
The "other side of impossibility" refers to a realm of existence beyond what we currently perceive as possible within the constraints of our understanding of the universe and its laws. It represents a world where the seemingly unattainable becomes a reality. Imagining such a scenario involves delving into the realm of science fiction and the boundaries of human knowledge.
I have seen life as a gift that must be unwrapped and experienced. In this experience journey, we encounter many things, which depend on how we perceive them. Are they obstacles that will deter us from progressing or opportunities to take advantage of to propel us forward?

On this episode of the Word Café, I have the opportunity of sharing the story of an individual who came to see the other side of impossibility, taking hold of the gift of life, leaning in completely, and making the best of what he has been given, not accepting the challenges as a limitation. Instead, he saw that as a ladder to climb to the zenith of life.

His name is Chindah Chandah. He is technically an astute service design professional with a 9-year track record of practical business process engineering and end-to-end project management. Broad knowledge and success in identifying gaps and bottlenecks in business processes to apply corrective actions and improve service delivery. Innovative in developing process designs based on evidence of user needs and organizational requirements, with sound decision-making and design thinking to implement new processes. Effective as part of a team with experience operating in partnership with offshore and onshore personnel while engaging with senior stakeholders

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