Inner Freedom: Through Scripture, Boundaries, Self-Worth

Gemma Baliba - Life Coach

Hello Sister Friend, Welcome to Her Freedom Rises Podcast. I believe you’ve been divinely led here because FREEDOM is calling. Are you sick of holding on to anger and resentment? Do you wish you could find freedom from disappointment? Tired of numbing your pain and insecurities with busyness or distraction? Do you find yourself up late at night searching your heart for how to forgive those who have hurt you, how to overcome guilt or shame? Do you wish you could see yourself the way God sees you? And experience His peace? I see you, sister. I was you. Hey, I’m Gemma. I too felt overwhelmed as a working mama of small children with no support. I wanted to feel joy, experience peace of mind, let go of unforgiveness, overcome shame and negative thinking. But I could not see beyond the chaos in my life. Finally, after years of battling God restored me and renewed my hope. I found inner Freedom. And I am here to help you find it too. The mission of this podcast is to encourage and empower faith-led women to take control of their life, find inner freedom, grow closer to God, and stop living life on auto-pilot; through Scripture, Boundaries, and Self-worth. If you are ready to surrender to what God has planned for your life, grab that cup of Masala chai tea and sit with me. Connect: read less