Ep 28: 5 Tips for Connecting with Your Spouse during Sabbath

Simply Sabbath

Feb 14 2022 • 16 mins

Today is Valentine's day and I thought it would be a great day to talk about how you can reconnect with your spouse during your Sabbath practice! I don't know about you, but there have been times when my husband and I have been so busy that we just feel like we're two ships passing during the week, but because we have allocated time within our Sabbath for just us to Sabbath together, we are able to reconnect each week! I'm sharing 5 tips to help ensure that Sabbath doesn't become only about the family connecting but also is a time of reconnection for you and your spouse as well.


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Now What?

Ask yourself this question: How can I reconnect with my husband during our next time of Sabbath?

If you are interested in starting a Sabbath practice, but don't know where to begin, download this free guide: https://rachelfahrenbach.com/busymomsguide