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Our goal is to spread the truth and share knowledge to free minded individuals. From government to religion. From the stars to our hollow earth. We will use this platform to expose the simulation and challenge your reality. 1 episode at a time! Visit us at read less

STRANGE BREW! W/ Tomcat the Raptilian & Trebles
STRANGE BREW! W/ Tomcat the Raptilian & Trebles
WELCOME TO OUR 3rd ANNUAL FRIGHT FEST MONTH! Ouija and paranormal activity with @strangebrew.podcast ! Truth is, we are not alone. For the first time ever in written human history patriots from every corner of the country have awaken. And not just American patriots but freedom fighting juggernauts, talented men and women that I like to call our own specimen of sleeper cells on a global scale. Digital warriors, keepers of the truth and bearers of light. WHAT a time to be alive!! What a time to not only spread and change the course of humanity for my kids and your kids but to call myself a conspiracy theorist. We are truth spoilers and fucking podcast hosts. And it has been an honor and privilege to meet like minded individuals with high vibrational thoughts and a keen interest for justice! Sit back and enjoy watching the massive amounts of deposits into the bank of knowledge done today with our special guest. Host and creative director of his own podcast show, Instagram truther and mind bending colleague,, please give a warm welcome to TOMCAT THE RAPTILIAN From The Strange Brew Podcast show. Welcome TR! //FOLLOW @strangebrew.podcast on IG Visit - Follow all the madness on social media! Support us on Patreon! Youtube: Strange brew's INSTAGRAM: Strange brew's FACEBOOK: TOMCAT- The Raptilian MUSIC Spotify | Youtube | Drop a 5 Star Review on Apple podcast And visit us at ☂️☂️☂️