Daily Devotion - Episode 82- Forming Our Identity In Christ

Devotable Daily Devotions

Jul 25 2019 • 13 mins

What Does Identity in Christ Mean To You

“WHO AM I?” is a question that all of us ask ourselves at some point. When we become legal adults and are expected to pull our weight in society, questions about our identity and purpose in life bubble to the surface. What defines me? What makes me me? All of these are incredibly hard questions. They sometimes take years to flesh out. Some people never really find the answer.

As Believers in salvation through Jesus, however, we have a shortcut to the million-dollar question. Who are we? We are a part of the family of God. We have an identity in Christ. While this is cause for celebration—being “in Christ” is a pretty impressive title—it might be cause for discomfort for others. That’s because when our identity is in Christ, then by definition our identity is not in something else.

When we create our own identities, it’s easy for us to miss the mark. We can build identities on false beliefs or fleeting feelings. Humans are prone to believe false things, to feel things that are healthy, and to get ourselves in sticky situations. If we are focused on ourselves, our identities won’t be rooted in something of true value. And even if our identities are formed on good things but for all the wrong reasons, that’s still an identity that isn’t God-honoring. As Christians, sin is a reality, always trying to get us to lift us up on a pedestal instead of founding our identity in Christ.

Discovering what it means to be identified as belonging to Christ takes some work. It means constantly searching the Scriptures for lessons on how to be like Christ, it means praying that the Spirit reveals to you about godly living, and spending time with mature Christians who are good examples of those rooted deeply in Jesus.

Who am I? “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

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