Artist DQ Nguyen

Classic City Vibes

Sep 27 2021 • 40 mins

DQ Nguyen Bio

Born in 1975 , at the end of the Vietnam war is where my journey began.  Attending Virginia Commonwealth University and majoring in painting and printmaking I graduating with a BFA. This is where academically I fully studied the evolving history of art, At an early age I started copying comic book characters and began learning about compositions, color, figurative, space.  From this point on I began studying more about different artist and began painting .  What I mostly strive to do is to constantly push the boundaries and explore where my paintings can develop. When I predetermine my subject matters I try to universally keep them relevant to today's culture. Even when I paint purely abstract my goal is to pushes for new ground and discovery as art evolves and rebirths.

For more info on DQ check out his website at https://dqnguyenart.com/