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Author Brandy Hayes Angel
Jan 12 2024
Author Brandy Hayes Angel
This episode we talk with multi-talented author Brandy Hayes Angel.  Brandy is a local Photographer, Artist, Writer and founder of a non profit, Be the Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. She is a self proclaimed poster child for ADHD and always has her hands in something new and creative. She was born and raised in Georgia and began a career as a traveling Surgical Technologist in 2000 and traveled and lived all over the US. After the birth of her two daughters she decided to return home to Georgia. Once she returned in 2012 she began focusing on her lifelong love of photography and began building a business that allowed her to work and still stay at home with her young daughters. Since then she has won many awards and her work has been featured and published all over the world. Last year she fulfilled another lifelong goal by self publishing her first book of Poetry, “Wonderings and Wanderings”. Brandy truly believes that everyone has a voice, gift and story worth sharing and by doing so they make the world a better place. She lives her life by following her passions and looks at her nuerodivercity as a super power that helps her see the world from a different perspective that should be shared and hopes she inspires more people to do the same. She believes our only limits are the ones we put on ourselves. She is currently working on her next book and has no plans of slowing down. You can learn more about Brandy Hayes Angel at, and find her book at