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Athens Regional Library System

Conversations with musicians, artists, creatives, and others who make Athens and the communities surrounding Athens an amazing place to live. Learn what is going on in one of the nation’s most famous scenes, meet the new generation of people keeping the tradition strong and hear how the arts are helping build our communities. This podcast is put out by the Athens Regional Library System where we are committed to helping build strong communities and celebrating our diversity. Engaging Communities, Exceeding Expectations.If you enjoy the podcast please make sure to give us a rating or review on itunes.
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May 21 2021
41 seconds
Toi MekhiSparkle TraumaTrisha AdamsSeline Haze and Mind VomitJosina GuessMontu Miller - Athens Hip Hop AmbasadorMusician Shane ParishXeke Zayer of The Humms and Gypsy Farm CollectionMusician Beto CacaoArtist DQ NguyenAnnie LeethBenjamin Simpson and Mother ForeRebecca Sunshine Band /  StumpknockersVision VideoKat English - Actor and Roller Derby StarKxng BlancoLiza StepanovaBroderick FlaniganFilmmaker Andrew Shearer and GonzorifficEcho Bass Records and Razzi King