Episode 72: The Room

DIABOLICAL: Evil Schemes Done Better

Nov 13 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

“It made me bored of sex”

Laughing at nothing in particular, the panel of peril sit down in overly dramatic fashion to watch this week’s cinematic tour de force The Room (Tommy Wiseau, 2003).

Johnny (Wiseau) is such a great guy. Such a great, great guy. He’s going to get a promotion for sure, everyone loves him, his lovemaking technique is top class, and he’s superb at football. But ungrateful harpy of a girlfriend Lucy (Juliette Danielle) doesn’t think so. She thinks he’s a real drag and would rather get it on with Mark (Greg Sestero). That’s it.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG_e8k9PILM

********PLOT SPOILER ALERT********

And get it on with Mark she does, several times, and then Johnny finds out and, well… That would be a spoiler too far. Infamously incompetent in its scripting, direction, and performances, The Room is a must-see for aficionados of bad cinema and fans of those unafraid to try – not matter their competency level.

What did the heck panel think of this week’s movie? How in all that is holy can they improve upon the villain’s masterplan? And which evil schemer will be christened this week’s most diabolical?

This episode is dedicated to Sam Steinson.

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