Episode 76: Guest House Paradiso

DIABOLICAL: Evil Schemes Done Better

Dec 11 2023 • 56 mins

“Is Vienetta Italian?”

The panel of peril take a break from slamming each other’s heads inside the fridge door over and over and over again to watch this week’s film: Guest House Paradiso (Adrian Edmondson, 1999).

Richie Twat (Rik Mayall) and Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba (Edmondson) run perhaps the worst guest house on our fair isle. It’s dark, dingy, they’ll steal your belongings, insult you, feed you slop, and are situated adjacent to a nuclear facility. An unexpected guest arrives in Italian starlet Gina Carbonara (Helene Mahieu) bringing not only prestige with her, but troublesome jilted fiancé Gino Bolognese (Vincent Cassel). Two words for you: uh ohhhhhhhhhh!

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNsP8SIRGIs&t=15s

********PLOT SPOILER ALERT********

Arriving on the scene to TAKE the hand of his lover, Gino won’t have any guff from Richie and Eddie, and isn’t shy about letting them know that. Featuring an all-star cast including Simon Pegg, Bill Nighy and Kate Ashfield, Guest House Paradiso is the Bottom spin-off that shows us the true meaning of the phrase ‘don’t eat irradiated fish, because it will make you violently ill’.

Did the panel enjoy this week’s cinematic serving? Could they find a way to improve the villainous plan? And who will be named this week’s most diabolical (person/podcast((er)))?

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Watch the making of the film here: Guest House Paradiso - Behind The Scenes (youtube.com)

Read all about The Little Mermaid’s phallic castle turret here: https://reelrundown.com/animation/What-You-Didnt-See-HIdden-Disney-Images-The-Little-Mermaid

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