a16z Infra #5: Category Creation with Armon Dadger (HashiCorp) and Stephen Mullaney (Aviatrix)

a16z Live

Jul 16 2021 • 49 mins

  • What makes a category? [0:37]
  • The leading indicator? Everyone thinks you're crazy. [5:36]
  • Can you create a category whole cloth? [7:02]
  • How to create a category [12:05]
  • The best category creation CEOs are product marketers [15:55]
  • Category creation tactics: certification programs [18:54]
  • Category creation tactics: persona-based storytelling [22:17]
  • Is there a repeatable way to make a category? [25:35]
  • The role of the CTO and product teams in creating the message [29:22]
  • How do you structure product marketing? [45:16]

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