Motherhood Matters-YOU Matter! MOMcon_Stoppe_Part 1 (19:50)

Old Ladies Know Stuff with Rhonda Stoppe & Friends

May 16 2023 • 19 mins

MOPs MomCon Part 1

Motherhood Matters - YOU Matter!

Billy Graham’s mother

Luke Smallbone’s Mum

Sibling Rivalry the one secret that changed everything!


“If we celebrate their differences, they become best friends, and they celebrate each other’s differences.”

Foster/Adopted Mom - The influence of a few years



How to talk to your son about SEX

Always use the phrase: “Husband & Wife in the Marriage Bed”

(rather than man and woman/boy and girl.)

Word Picture: Pink Heart/Blue Heart

The Number One Mother/Son Communication Secret you don’t want to miss!
"Shoulder to Shoulder"

Pornography - How to equip your son to withstand the temptation/addiction

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I'm gonna say that again. Motherhood matters. God has chosen us to influence this generation through motherhood because motherhood matters like really, really matters Down through history, the first teachers of men that God raised up in their generation were not scholars. They were their mothers. We are the makers of men, the architects of the next generation. Let that sit with you. Luke Smallbone of Fourth King and Country. Do you guys know them? Love the Smallbone family. He says this about his mom. I probably owe all that I am to my mom because when a man is loved by his mother, he can end up doing great things. And there's an amazing story of him and his mother in mom's raising sons to be men. And go to the next slide. Ruth Graham, who was the mother of Billy Graham, think of her influence on her culture. Every person who came to Jesus Christ because of Ruth Graham's influence on her son, Billy Graham, that's fruit of her work. Helen's Helen's Smallbone was Luke's mom. Every song you hear written, every worship note that he sings. Did you know she's also the mom of Rebecca St. James. Back in the olden days, there was a a singer hold Rebecca St. James that's their sister. We don't know how God's gonna use us to influence our kids, but God knows, and he handpicked you to do it. Ruth Graham said to me, motherhood is the nicest, most rewarding job in the world. The second, the, I'm sorry, second importance to none.


Inspiring, terrifying . Yes, but y

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