Historical Fiction Author Addison Armstrong and When Your Passion Becomes Your Work

Queries, Qualms, & Quirks

Jun 16 2022 • 23 mins

Historical Fiction Author Addison Armstrong joins Queries, Qualms, & Quirks this week to discuss predicting her jobs in Pre-K, querying too soon due to excitement, graduating college with a literary agent, taking her book offer call with a broom in one hand, being surprised by a two-book contract, how a book contract changed her feelings towards writing, and worrying that the first book contract was a fluke.

Addison Armstrong is a historical fiction author and a third-grade teacher. She grew up in south Florida and currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband. She started writing The Light of Luna Park in 2019 during her junior year of college and had it published with Putnam in 2021. Her next novel, The War Librarian, will come out in August of this year (2022).

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