Align Your Purpose in the Akashic Records with Candice Hozza EP 45

Spiritual and Ambitious with Whitney McNeill

Nov 2 2022 • 36 mins

I’m talking with Candice Hozza, a spiritual strategist and business intuitive whose mission is to give back to others through her intuitive gifts and be the voice that lives inside of others. She is able to achieve this by helping them find their soul’s alignment through the Akashic Records creating transformation in their lives and businesses.  What Are The Akashic Records  Listen as Candice explains how, after being disenchanted with almost every area of her life, her journey to becoming a spiritual leader through the teachings and healing she found in the Akashic Records began. Most liken the Akashic Records to a library but, to Candice, the Akash is more like an infinite database full of resources and potential. There is a beautiful intimacy and oneness that exists in the records. When you read for someone else, you get to share that with them. And it is this oneness that makes the information held there perfect for spiritually creative entrepreneurs.  Past Lives, the Akashic Records and Business  One area where Candice finds a lot of blocks for business owners is in past lives. There are 9 parameters in the Akashic records you can heal from. These are the ways we can become energetically stuck. One is past lives. Vows taken in past lives can sometimes bleed over into a current existence. An excellent example she often sees would be a vow of poverty. You can see how any entrepreneur still carrying energy from a poverty vow could face immense difficulty crafting a profitable business. The Records hold our information in energetic form. By accessing this energy for guidance on the multitude of decisions business owners have to make, they are able to use more aligned information in that process than just the logical information purely of the intellect.  A Consistent Theme in the Records  When I asked Candice what is the most consistent challenge she sees in the Records right now, she answered without hesitation. Self Love. Candice explains that anytime we experience change (like someone with a 9-5 corporate job deciding to become an entrepreneur) a new version of ourselves is created. A new identity. Change is always disruptive even when it’s for the best. Each of us experiencing change has to learn to accept this new identity and integrate it into our being. The Akashic Records can help us do that.   The 4 Core Blocks Holding Us Back  Candice explains in depth the 4 core blocks she sees business owners struggle with over and over. The Birthing Block. The Personal Energy Block. The Past Life Block. And the Identity Block. Identit is the block she sees most often for entrepreneurs which led to that common theme of lack of Self Love we discussed earlier.  A Message For You From the Records  Listen as Candice opens the Records and tunes in to the energy of those listening to deliver messages about what most spiritual business owners need right now. She felt there is confusion being held by business owners about the next right direction. Nextly, she felt the need to remind us to emotionally support the next generation through the immense changes happening in our world right now. She also felt that our Guides want to be gentle with us around “what’s next” as we all emerge from the cocoon of the last few years and begin to travel and engage more with environments external to our safe space. And lastly, Candice, emphasized the core truth of the importance of Love and doing all that we do from a heart centered place.   Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.  Candice’s SuperPower Quiz  The Totally WOO Program  Grab Your Copy of Candice’s Book  Join the Quantum Connection Program  Candice’s Instagram  My interview on Candice’s Podcast  Messenger of Spirit Oracle Cards  Whitney's Instagram  Episode Website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit