(#111) Become Your Own Cheerleader | Give Yourself Credit!

The Manifest

Aug 12 2022 • 18 mins

The Manifest Episode #111: Become Your Own Cheerleader | Give Yourself Credit For Your Growth! Not gonna lie: sometimes the journey of healing feels LONG. And sometimes it even feels like nothing is happening. That makes it easy to get down on yourself and maybe even give up on the whole process entirely. But please don't give up right now! Even though we might not get HUGE payoffs every day, it's still so important to show up and keep healing. In this episode, I'm expanding you to become less outcome-focused for your healing journey and more focused on the very real progress you are making every day. If you want to stay motivated even when things are "slow", this is the episode for you! In This Episode: + Get inspired to give yourself CREDIT for all of your healing: everything from showing up to meditate to actually breaking old toxic behavioral patterns + Learn why being outcome-focused on your healing journey is the WRONG approach and find out what to focus on instead + Fall in love with watching yourself GROW--which is really the most important lesson of all! + Much more! 💜 Welcome to The Manifest! A Podcast For Spiritual Rebels. This is where I give you weekly high-vibe doses of healing power and life inspiration so YOU can truly LOVE yourself. | Hosted by Jenn Stevens: Bestselling Author of The Mindful Witch, Coach & Healer & creator of The Aligned Life. 🔥 FREE INNER CHILD HEALING AUDIO: https://www.thealignedlife.co/free-inner-child/ 🙏 HEAL YOURSELF EVERY MONTH: https://alignedlife.teachable.com/p/recode/ SHOW NOTES: https://www.themanifest.co/111/ THE MANIFEST PODCAST: https://www.themanifest.co/podcast/ ✅ FOLLOW ME HERE: https://www.instagram.com/thealignedlife/ https://www.tiktok.com/@thealignedlife/