The Power of Your Words

The James Granstrom Podcast - Super Soul Model series

Oct 15 2020 • 27 mins

In this episode I discuss the power of your words. Your words can literally shape your life like a painter with fresh paint on a blank canvas.

Your words can  wither heal or hurt with  each interaction  and exchange with another human being. As you become aware of your language and use of words, you are painting your life as you go along.
In the episode I discuss the power in the  tone of voice  too as you are calling the universe into action by  the emotion in which you speak. So become aware whether you are you relaxed or stressed? becuase that's what;s coming back. The universal law of giving and receiving.

This episode shares  ideas and case studies of people who have used their words to their advantage.  Learn to become conscious with whoever you are interacting  with as you never what impact you will have on another by your quick and everyday responses.

Learn how to use your words to transform your life here. .Click the link

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