TableTalk: Discussion & Discourse | Ep. 41 - Pathfinder 2e & Its Complexity w/ Basics4Gamers

TableTalk: Discussion & Discourse

Nov 16 2020 • 4 hrs 48 mins

Join Alejo (Greydawn95) and Aiden (ItsSneakyAdolf) as they are joined by  Dave of Basics4Gamers in talking about Pathfinder 2e and how complex it  really is in contrast to how Puffin Forest presents it in his review  video.

Originally aired November 13th, 2020 on the TableTalk: Discussion & Discourse YouTube Channel:

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Alejo (Greydawn95)

Aiden (ItsSneakyAdolf)

Boo (PrinceBoo21)


Dave (Basics4Gamers)


Content covered in order:

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Review and Thoughts by Puffin Forest:

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