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Sex Tales is back and better than ever for season two! Join professional cock gobblers and cam girls Melody Kush and Lana del Bae, as they take you behind the scenes of the adult industry with some of the top performers, directors, and insiders. Tune in for tales and tricks on sex, gossip, and the wonderful world of sex work! read less

Lily LaBeau on Being A ‘Cam_Girlfriend’
Jun 28 2022
Lily LaBeau on Being A ‘Cam_Girlfriend’
Sex Squad, settle in for one of the most riveting episodes of “Sex Tales” yet! Listen in as hosts Melody Kush and Lana del Bae welcome Lily LaBeau to the podcast, where she talks about how she got started in the industry, how she landed the role in “Cam_Girlfriend” and the type of porn she watches; the answer may shock you! To watch the full episode, check out the Camming Life YouTube channel here: Her origin story for porn, starting in 2009How she was originally a storyboard consultant for “Cam_Girlfriend,” but not originally cast in the seriesLoving filming “Cam_Girlfriend” in TorontoHow she developed her character in “Cam_Girlfriend,” pulling from her early experiences in adultHow she believes the comedy series is working to humanize and destigmatize sex work in a very palatable wayWhether there will be a second season of “Cam_Girlfriend”What her favorite part of being in adult itWhat she sees as the biggest differences between a porn set and mainstream film setWhat it was like filming adult content in JapanWhat acts she’s performed on camera, but not in real lifeWhat it was like filming for Public DisgraceWhat she must have on set to feel comfortableWhat type of porn she watches in her personal life,Why it’s not easy to masturbate to people she knowsThe book the is currently readingWhat she learned while becoming a certified doulaWhere her ideas and inspiration come fromHer requirements for dating someoneWhy she moved to Switzerland and whether she will return to North AmericaWhether or not size mattersThe body part she finds the sexiestHer deal breakers in relationshipsHer relationship statusHer advice to new cam performersWhere she sees herself in five yearsThe advice she would give her younger selfWhether she prefers dildos or vibrators