Impact Café

Franklin Energy

This podcast series hosted by Franklin Energy gathers experts from across the energy industry to discuss energy-related topics in a conversation-style session. From utility to regulator to implementer and more, each guest offers a unique look into the state of energy efficiency throughout the nation—both now and into the future. **Views expressed during Impact Café are those of the panelists and do not represent views of Franklin Energy.**
Ep. 9: Featuring Juan Argueta, Part 2Ep. 8: Featuring Juan Argueta, Part 1Ep.7: Workforce Education & Training: Transforming the Clean Energy OpportunityEp.6: Featuring Energy Infrastructure PartnersEp.5: Featuring Dennis ElsenbeckEp.4: Leveraging Diversity to Accelerate our Nation's Clean Energy and Economic PrioritiesEp.3: Electrifying TransportationEp.2: Building DecarbonizationEp.1: Post-Election Energy Policy Landscape