Resilient Leadership

Bridgette Theurer & Irvine Nugent, Ph.D.

The Resilient Leadership podcast is aimed at helping you lead with a greater sense of calm, clarity, and conviction even in anxious times. Co-hosted by Bridgette and Irvine both of whom are authors, leadership coaches, and trainers. Our mission is to offer you insights into leadership and life that you will find nowhere else. Let’s face it we are living in uncertain times and it’s not surprising we are feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Our show will offer you practical tools that you can use today and help you grow your resilience and strengthen your leadership. Subscribe and join us every other Tuesday morning for lively stories and chat about issues impacting you today. Come away with a practical exercise and a whole of fun along the way. See you on the next episode! Bridgette & Irvine read less