07. How to Live 11% to 15% longer, Positivity with R' Kalmenson

Living Opportunity

Jan 11 2022 • 56 mins

Positive people live 11%-15% longer than there pessimistic peers.
In this episode I interview Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson, author of Positivity Bias.
I received his book as a gift and ended up highlighting most of the pages.
This book changed my life!

I'm so grateful to have him on the show and to be able to ask him questions that you will love the answers to!

I used to think positivity was fluff. But there is so much on how to live a positive life and in this episode you will get some real practical tips on how to do it.

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Order Positivity bias on Amazon:
Or read it online at: https://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_cdo/aid/4403994/jewish/Positivity-Bias.htm

- Dassi

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