04. Tracy Alexander, From news anchor to meditation and the common thread

Living Opportunity

Dec 20 2021 • 49 mins

From a news anchor to becoming a mediation coach. In this episode Dassi speaks to Tracy Alexander about her journey, on how to live opportunity and enjoy the process called life.

Tracy started off as a news anchor and pivoted to become a mediation coach. Tracy explains how even though it may seem like a huge pivot it really is all part of the same thing, a deeper expression of you.
There is so much more, as we explore life's meaning, doing what you love, mediation and more!

At the end of the episode there are some PRACTICAL takeaways so you can apply this to your life as well!

Tracy is available on Instagram @tracyalexander__/
or on her website at: https://www.tracyalexander.co/

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