Paranormal Pete Show Ep 36 Psychic Medium Ankhasha Amenti

Paranormal Pete Show

Dec 22 2022 • 1 hr 22 mins

This week on Paranormal Pete, host Pete Orbea welcomes special guest Ankhasha Amenti to the show.

Ankhasha Amenti is a professional Psychic Medium, a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life regressions, and a Field Investigator with the Office of Paranormal Investigations.  She has appeared on Television, radio, and in the books “Ghost Hunting-How to Investigate the Paranormal” “A Paranormal Casebook” and “The Ghost Detectives Guide to Haunted San Francisco” by Loyd Auerbach.  In June of 2011, she was invited to become a Windbridge Certified Research Medium (WCRM).  Her certification involved eight thorough screening, testing, and training steps during which her ability to report accurate and specific information about the deceased was scientifically tested under blinded conditions by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Julie Beischel, PhD.