Keeping up with the times w/ guest Joseph Kopser

The RTO Show "Let's talk Rent to Own"

Sep 18 2023 • 46 mins

Times are changing which is why this week I talk to Joseph Kopser the cofounder of the Grayline Group, a 20 year US Army  Ranger Veteran, and Harvard and West Point graduate about identifying and managing RTO through changing times. With the advancement of AI powered collections platforms and ChatGPT sales pitches he helps us spot and navigate the innovations that are changing RTO as we know it. With his expertise and knowledge Joseph puts RTO in the drivers seat on how to change with the times and more importantly come out of that change with a tight grip on our future.
Joseph is also a co-author with Bret Boyd on the book "Catalyst - Leadership and Strategy in a changing world" which can be purchased from Amazon and other on line bookstores.

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